Different Types of Bonuses You Can Find in Online Casinos

Casino bonusesThe world of online gambling has successfully developed into a full-blown industry over the last 10 years. With hundreds of online gambling websites and casinos for people to choose from, you can say that the competition is getting a lot more heat now. In order for an online casino to flourish as a company and rake in as much acquisition and retention of players, it needs to come up with bonuses and incentives that have mass appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of bonuses in online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is something that an online casino presents as an introductory incentive to new players. This is usually given upon registration and/or making their first deposit. It may also come in the form of a match bonus, that reflects a new player’s initial deposit. Check this review and sign up for 50 Free Spins Welcome Bonus!

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are popular among frequent online casino players. When a player continues to play a few rounds after making his initial deposit, he would usually want to increase his winnings by making another deposit. Online casinos would offer to reload bonuses for consecutive deposits.

Referral Bonus

A referral bonus is the online casino’s way of acquiring fresh new players. You may have experienced this approach in other fields and industries. With the referral bonus, a happy customer can spread the word out to his personal network, which is already a form of marketing. This type of online casino bonus is considered to be the most effective in terms of customer acquisition and retention. To increase profit, referral bonuses only goes to people with paying referrals.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses go to players who have accumulated a certain amount of games, measured by their deposits. Most of these loyalty bonuses are given annually. Some loyalty bonuses are also handed out in a series of consecutive deposits. The loyalty bonus is a gift to players who have been with the online casino for quite some time and players who get this special bonus tend to be more motivated to stay.

VIP/High Roller Bonus

VIPs or high rollers are players who are capable of giving higher deposits to play more games in an online casino. In this industry, high rollers are highly influential people who can attract more referrals and rake in more profit for the online casino. In turn, these people get much bigger bonuses and incentives. These may include tickets to exclusive sporting events and a premium membership.

Bear in mind that all casino bonuses mentioned above are subject to terms and conditions, with the backing concern that some players would abuse these incentives. It is important to review these restrictions before playing an online casino game.


As a final note, these bonuses come in handy for both the player and the online casino. With bonuses, a player can increase his odds for a fair price, whether it’s playing for an entire year or referring the online casino to your friends and family.

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