Free Slots

Interested in playing free slots? Feel free to visit this page whenever you would like to test a slot machine before making a real deposit.  Just choose a slot game of your choice and play for free! We provide online slots in the free mode from different casino software providers and multiple casino sites.

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Free Slots – Something for Everyone

Slots are one of the easiest games in a casino. Simply put, anyone can play them. The first slot machine was quite different to the modern ones we see in any casino. It was made in 1891 and comprised of 5 reels, each with 10 symbols consisting of 50 card faces. The prize was based on poker. So, a royal flush could mean a prize of cigars, the lowest could earn a free beer. Since the mechanism was so complex, and the whole range of card values made automatic prize impossible, a much-simplified version of that was introduced around 1890. This was the first real slot machine with 3 reels, and 5 symbols on each, which made automatic prize delivery possible. It was named Liberty Bell and was copied by all other producers from thereon. In fact, it proved so popular that presently, around 70% of a casino’s total income comes from slot machines.

Slot Machines Variations

Traditionally, a slot machine was created on the basis of 5 symbols each and a single lever on the side, which needed to be pulled in order to reveal rotating symbols. The modern ones are based on several variations of these which not only have a combination of different symbols and more reels but combine the lever with touchscreen controls as well.

Free Slots & Real Money Slots

Free slots are to slot machines what discount coupons are to shops. They simply let you play slot machines more than you can. There are two kinds of slot games:

  • Free Slots
  • Real Money Slots

Real money slots come into play when you are playing with your own money. These let you try the slots more than what you usually could, as prizes, thus increasing your chance of winning. By comparison, free slots allow you to try out various strategies on the machine without you needing to invest anything on your own.

Winning Strategies on Slots

While free slots mean that you get more chances to even the odds of winning big, you would still need a few concrete strategies to win.

  • Make sure you can afford to play the slot you have opted for. This includes not only the amount predefined beforehand, but knowing the betting amount on each hand. You need to understand that more chances mean more options to win in slots.
  • Bet judiciously on pay lines. While it is true that more pay lines mean more chances of winning, always calculate beforehand whether you can afford them.
  • Slots are completely random, so if you think that a slot which has paid big once cannot generate a win again, you are wrong.
  • Last but not the least; you need to understand the concept of betting in online slots. When you bet 1 coin (the currency based on the site), your winning multiplier is 1x. When you bet 2 coins, it becomes 2x and so on until the maximum bet amount is reached. At this point, the reward is more than what you invested. So if your aim is to win big (who doesn’t want that), and you can afford it, definitely opt for the maximum bet.

Last but not the least, check out websites which offer the best options for free slots. It is important to maximise your chance for a win in order to get the maximum out of your investment, and there is no better way to do that other than free slots offered either as a part of the package you opt for or as part of the prize won.