How To Win Big On Starburst

Starburst slot

There is not a casino player in the world who hasn’t dreamt of winning big money. As much as somebody claims that they’re spinning those slots for fun, they secretly hope that they will be the ones who win a big prize and get rich easily. If you do want to have some real fun while chasing that big money, you should definitely try Starburst, one of the most popular online slots ever made. Now, let’s take a look what are the advantages Starburst offers when chasing big money.

Trying the Game in Free Mode

Before we start, let’s clear up one thing. There are various winning strategies and neither one of them can absolutely guarantee you a win. Each player will have different experiences and a different way of getting to that big amount of money. If you yet have to think of what strategy suits you best, we recommend you to try playing Starburst for free.

When you play the game in free mode, it looks (and behaves) exactly like when you play with the real money invested. This is why it might be a great idea to spend some time getting to know the game, accustoming to it and checking to see what kind of tactics is best to apply once you decide for the real thing.

Avoid Minimum Bets

People that have tested Starburst for a long time came to a conclusion that the game is not so open to giving great winnings when you play with minimum bet amounts. They state that you will get to 100 wins much quicker if you decide for a $5 rate (for example), then if you invest only 10 cents for a single spin. According to some presumptions, this has to do with the fact that numerous casinos are giving away free spins on Starburst and this keeps the game from offering bigger numbers of winnings when it comes to the lowest bet rates.

You Need to Invest Something to Get Something

Lowest bet amounts not only offer winnings on a much rarer basis than higher bets but even if the game decides to give you a winning, it won’t be a considerable amount of money just because of the fact that you’ve decided to play it safe. Let’s make it clear, we are not saying you should go ahead and invest all your money (especially not at once), but if you really want to win big on Starburst, you need to be prepared to invest a bit of money in it.

Play Maximum Number of Lines

Starburst offers a rather good rate of return to players (at a larger scale) and has the option of winning both ways, which makes this slot a pretty fair game. Aside from that, Starburst offers up to 10 bet lines and if you are aiming to win some money at it, then you should definitely go with the maximum number. Otherwise, your chances of winning will be significantly lessened, and you will feel sorry if you notice that you missed a big winning opportunity just because of being a bit cheap.

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